Chimney Sweep

Why sweep

Sweeping a flue is necessary to remove soot and tar deposits caused by the burning of fuels, therefore reducing the risk of a chimney fire.
If a flue is not swept it will block causing smoke and CARBON MONOXIDE to enter the room, carbon monoxide is a silent killer!
Blockages caused by bird nests, rodents and collapsed brick work also need to be removed.

A cctv inspection can be carried out to find out the cause of the blockage and ascertain its best way of removal.

Before sweeping, the fire hearth will be covered with a dust sheet, before any equipment is brought into the house, the fire opening is sealed with a rodding sheet and then swept. Any mess is kept to a minimum for your sake and mine. We use a very powerful vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter, (to suck up the soot dislodged by the brushes), it is therefore necessary to have a 13 amp plug socket with in 7 metres.

After sweeping a smoke draw test is carried out, to make sure the flue will remove smoke/gases from the fire. A sweeping certificate will be issued, some insurance companies need proof that a chimney has been swept by a trained sweep to validate insurance claims.
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